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About Us

In 1988 Mr. Lombardi started in the field of Cabinet Makers with the NYC council of Cabinet Makers Union. From then on he has studied in the field of Wood working and Architectural design within the Union, learning beside people that take the job serious enough to challenge any project that comes their way. After years with the Cabinet Makers Mr. Lombardi went into the field of General Carpentry and Construction, from simple projects of renovating rooms, such as baths and kitchens to building entire homes, it has been a road of continuous learning and abilities accompanied with good knowledge of the structuring and phases of home building. Since 1997 Mr. Lombardi has decided to go on his own, being Licensed in the 5 Boroughs, Nassau L.I. and Southampton L.Iand building a constant commitment to handling and completing Job by Job. Mr. Lombardi’s tactic in the Industry is “that you can’t serve everyone and be at two places at the same time”. So we have chosen to commit ourselves to a project at a time, making sure the customer has our 100 percent attention, not worrying when the job will take its full course of attention, and turning a short term project into months of endless effort and waste. For some contractors that might not work, but over the years we have stuck to this motto and it has pleased many customers. We do make you wait of course, but with setting up approximate time schedules and revising the customers materials prior to the start, we ensure that the road to a smoother project is underway. Generally today we will do projects that range from Kitchens and Bathrooms, Custom wood work to complete apartment renovations. So for your next project give us a call and we will see if our services will accompany your needs.